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Marlene K. Schwaljé is President and CEO of Infinite Resolutions, LLC. Infinite Resolutions provides full spectrum communication, collaboration, conflict prevention and resolution services with a diverse clientele including governmental, health care, and educational organizations in the public sector as well as for- and non-profit private companies. Marlene is dedicated to the organization and its people who seek to create a culture of respectful communication and collaboration from the workplace to the board room. Infinite Resolutions builds internal capacity by building on organizational and interpersonal strengths and resilience.

Marlene has over 35 years of experience in preventing and resolving organizational conflicts through mediation and facilitation; building communication, constructive conflict, supervisory skills; leadership development; employee and labor relations. Her practice of organizational strategic process engages stakeholders in dialogue and collaboration and she is gifted in bringing individuals and groups together to work toward common purpose. Marlene’s ability to guide parties to resolve difficult issues helps prevent litigation and restore productive relationships. She guides pro-active organizations in developing, implementing, and supporting sustainable workplace dispute resolution processes. Prior to Infinite Resolutions, Marlene successfully resolved hundreds of workplace disputes without arbitration or litigation. She is a recognized state-wide expert in labor-management collaboration and workplace abuse/bullying and has been published in the SHRM Legal Report (March 2010).

A graduate of Temple University – Philadelphia PA in social work (community organizing/social casework), Marlene volunteers and provides pro-bono services with local community and professional organizations, most recently including Esperanza Shelter, Cool Closet, Northern New Mexico Human Resource Association, and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. Numerous presentations include NM Municipal League - NM Coalition for Charter Schools - Northern NM Human Resource Association (SHRM) - Southwestern Indian Gaming Conference - NM Job Service Employer Connection. She was a plenary speaker at the International Association of Workforce Professionals – NM Spring 2010 conference. She serves as a mediator and facilitator with the PED Special Education Bureau and has been selected to participate on the competitive MWI Panel of Employment Mediators.

Marlene’s work with people and their organizations is based upon the deeply-held beliefs that respectful communication is the foundation of a well-functioning and productive organization, and that most people possess the will and wisdom needed for collaborative problem-solving. Marlene’s commitment is to engage and nurture this capacity so that productive relationships are preserved, and the organization is enabled to devote its resources to its mission, rather than spend on litigation and the cost of conflict.. To substantively advance this core belief, Marlene has authored and advocated for the Respectful Workplace Resolution, to be introduced in Santa Fe City Council and by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners in fall 2010. This resolution, if passed, will be the first initiative of its kind in the nation.

What We Do - Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems

INFINITE RESOLUTIONS collaborates with your organization to design, implement, and sustain the workplace dispute resolution program that protects your business; establishes fair processes for employees, managers, stakeholders, customers, and clients; creates an organizational culture of direct and respectful communication and conflict competence. 

Choices for your dispute resolution policy and process may include:

  • Conflict coaching
  • Appeals panel
  • Grievance mediation
  • Peer coaching or mediation

Support services to sustain your system may include: 

  • Policy and procedure alignment
  • Workshops in constructive communication and conflict competence
  • Leadership support and modeling
  • Group coaching for peer mediators, conflict coaches
  • Outreach and education

When a professional external neutral is needed, INFINITE RESOLUTIONS provides:

  • Mediation
  • Conflict coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Training
  • Strategic planning and process
  • Workplace/team assessment
  • Arbitration




Marlene K. Schwaljé, President and CEO
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