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As our economy begins to recover, businesses like yours will grow and add new employees. The difference between now and before the economic downturn is that instead of placing an employment ad and receiving 5-10 resumes, today, you may need to sort through dozens if not hundreds of resumes. How do you go about matching the people who are best suited for your company?

Personality Testing Just Got EasierPersonality Test

Trying to "fit square pegs into round holes?" Every personality type has an important role. Each of the 4 Basic Personality Temperaments reported in our Personality Profile are unique and bring important traits that may contribute to the success of your business and your employees.
Reducing Costly Turnover

With the cost of good help escalating, the cost of bad hires can have a dramatic effect on the company's bottom line. Learn how to identify key personality traits in your best employees and hire people with known "Success Factors" to minimize turnover.

Custom Aptitude Tests

A breakthrough in Technology has allowed Hire Success to provide you with FREE SOFTWARE to develop, maintain and administer your own FULLY CUSTOMIZED Multiple-Choice Aptitude Tests based on ANY Single Subject Category or Multiple Subject-Categories. Develop your own multiple-choice, true-false or "yes-no" style Questions and add them to the Custom Aptitude Test Software's Question Database. There is NO LIMIT to the number of Subject Categories or Questions you may add. The Software allows you to create your own HTML Test Forms and Administer your Customized Aptitude Tests ONLINE using the Hire Success Online Service Bureau Scoring Center. Click Here for More Information on using the Custom Aptitude Tests in a Report.

Integrity Survey

The Hire Success Overt Integrity Survey, a time-tested screening and evaluation tool in use since 1979, has been fully automated with online technology and added to the HIRE SUCCESS family of products. Questions focus on drug and alcohol use, theft from businesses and employers, attitude toward employers and violence in the workplace. Click Here for More Information on the Integrity Survey

Hire Success Employment Testing System

Pre-Employment Testing System

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With human resource experts estimating turnover costs, including direct and indirect expenses, to amount to 25% - 100% of an individual's annual compensation, it is vital that poor hiring decisions are avoided as often as possible. Those expenses don't count opportunity costs associated with poor performance, and/or shrinkage due to unsatisfactory reliability or perhaps inappropriate behavior. We encourage all employers to take a close look at our Nobel Prize-nominated science that consistently supplies our customers with superior insight regarding their employees and/or employment candidates. More and more employers are reaching the conclusion that understanding how individuals value things reveals precise, extraordinary insight, and, subsequently are relying less and less on traditional personality and integrity tests.  


Why select Workforce Interactive? Because we couple a unique values-based assessment nominated for the Nobel Prize with innovative customer service that enables employers to separate the good eggs from the bad ones. That has routinely resulted in turnover rate reduction in double digits, as well as operating improvements in the area of revenue generation and cost avoidance.  

Products and Services Offered

Behavioral Assessment Multi-dimensional Analysis
Career Development 
Competency Testing 
Benchmark Analysis 
Pre-Employment Screening 

The Science behind our system - Axiology is the science of human value systems. It helps us to understand the core internal values that filter and influence our perceptions, decisions, and actions. Because it is a formal science, the results associated with related behavioral tools are significantly more precise and objective than most psychologically based tests. Further, the mathematics supporting the science allow for a short exercise and fast analysis. And because Axiology does not require the candidate to engage in self analysis, test trauma and manipulation of answers is substantially eliminated.  


Don Evertt, President

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