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ISC began in 1993 developing custom software with a specific focus on American Indian Tribal Government. Located just blocks from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma headquarters in Durant Oklahoma, ISC gained valuable knowledge and insight on the unique needs of the American Indian Tribe and developed specific software applications to address this need.

ISC now works with Tribes across the nation. Our experience and understanding of Tribal programs allows us to adapt any of our solutions to the specific needs of your program or organization. ISC provides a level of expertise that serves as a partner to your IT staff to solve complex technical issues.

ISC has evolved to a "one stop" solution for all things Tribal. The staff of ISC believes, as all American Indian Tribes believe:

                       It's all about the People!

Software Solutions to Connect People to Information

Intertribal Software specialize in providing Leading Edge solutions to Tribal and Federal Government Organizations. Our experience in developing software solutions for Tribal operations allows us to have a deep understanding of the needs of most Tribal Government operations. We provide products that provide solutions for the unique needs of organizations of all sizes.

Software Solutions: 

  • Tribal Assistance ManagerTM
    This is Intertribal Software flagship software solution that automates the intake and processing of federally funded and Tribally assistance programs for Tribal Governments.  This solution is used for Centralization of Program Services and tracks applications and payments for all services received by household or individuals.
  • Intertribal Housing Managment
  • Laserfiche
    Powerful Document Management Software and Agile Enterprise Content Management
  • Policy and Procedure Manager
    Paperless Web based Policy and Procedure Management software that will transform the way
    you manage the creation, review, approve and distribute your Organizations Policy and Procedures.
  • Tribal TMS - Talent Management System
    Human Resource solution that will drastically increase the efficiencies of any HR department.  You can
    take control of Employee Selection, Leadership Development and reduce Turnover.  Taking control over these
    areas will increase significant savings to the labor cost of your organization.
  • E-Vision
    Online Asset Management system for inventory, help-desk and work order tracking.
  • Custom Web and Software Development
    Complete Web Site development from simple online business-cards to full internet presence.

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