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Chief Executive Officer - 35+ years full destination - multi-property Gaming - Resort experience. Experienced in corporate gaming with the past 12 years working successfully in multi-property Indian Gaming including design-build and openings of major properties with as many as 1,500 employees, 2,300 slots and 200+ hotel rooms, 50+ table games, poker, 500-seat bingo, keno, multiple food & beverage outlets and entertainment venues. He has extensive experience with retail fuel services including fuel and retail sales, engineering and maintenance which resulted in annual revenue growth from $8M to over $17M. Experienced in planning, design, development and construction of operations, including design approval and construction coordination of $155M destination gaming resort. He earned his BS in Business Administration and is a Master Graduate of Rapport Leadership. Enrolled Tribal Member. 400K1692TM

Chief Executive Officer - 25+ years senior management positions working Tribal and State Governments. More than 17 years senior management positions with Trial Governments with Gaming and Resorts, Natural Resources, Tribal Gaming Regulatory agencies and other businesses. He has one (1) year as CEO and 15 years as President. Budget experience in managing up to $45M per year and handling 10 direct reports. He oversaw Tribal administration, the health clinic, and natural resources (including fisheries, forestry and environment) and law enforcement. He is a creative “problem solver” and has learned well what drives business, Native American business specifically. He helps protect the policies that are good and constructively changes what needs to be changed to be profitable and fit with Tribal values. He communicates the changes and why they are important. Enrolled Tribal Member. 125K29866TM

Chief Executive Officer – 20+ years of senior level experience with Tribal government operations as well as Casino resort operations. Experience as Chairperson and has numerous years in private businesses and owner and senior manager. He is experienced with development of business plans, securing financing - both public and private sector - for tribal programs and non-tribal businesses. Developed the business plans, secured financing both public and private sector for tribal programs and non-tribal businesses. Excellent communication skills and has a desire to be successful in any organization he works for. Allows his managers to manage their people and projects, but stays involved in their decision-making process. Assertive manager that employees generally like to work with and for. Effectively communicates the goals of the organization and the Tribe. Through a strong work ethic, he does what it takes to analyze situations and find appropriate resolutions. He considers himself a good problem solver. Enrolled Tribal Member. 125K17247TM


Senior Vice President of Gaming and Business Operations - 25+ years of management experience with 18 of these years in Native American organizations, Bachelors degree in accounting. Exceptional experience in large multi-property casinos, tribal enterprises, tribal government and the banking industry. Responsible for driving efficiencies and EBITDA, enhancing operations and developing tribal members for leadership positions. Possesses stellar work ethics, exceptional understanding of P&L’s and budgets and is a team builder and leader. Enrolled Tribal Member. 210K30915SB

General Manager or VP Slots – 20+ years of senior management in the casino industry employed by the largest and most successful tribal properties as well as successful corporate casinos in smaller markets has prepared this candidate for his next challenge. A hands-on individual with great P&L and budgeting skills.  Directed numerous start-ups, is a team-builder, and a strong advocate for service guarantees, behavioral standards, high morale and continuous training to achieve the properties goals. He believes in treating everyone with dignity, respect and empathy while being fair, consistent and accountable. 150K1605TM.

General Manager - 5+ year experience as General Manager and 20 years experience in Table Games, at least 13 of which were in Gaming Management. In his current position his most significant achievement has been to help departments communicate better and connecting team building throughout the organization. He was instrumental in creating a system for all games supervisors to keep their evaluation templates, work histories and disciplinary/recognition records. His management style is to be personable, approachable, and adaptable. He recognizes achievements by staff members, always coaching them for improvement. His strengths include communication staff development and ensures everyone is on the same page.  Enrolled Tribal Member. 110K15378TM

Casino / Hotel Manager - 15+ years experience that includes openings and re-developments. Versed in Real Estate/Community development but excels in Casino Resort property management.  Bachelor's of Science degree in Accounting. Demonstrated success and savings with operations and brought Championship, televised play to their Golf Course. 150K7283TM


Director Casino Operations - 24+ years experience in gaming, more than 10 of which were in Native American gaming. Significant accomplishments include, prior to opening and up through the opening, nurturing the players of many properties. Opened six (6) properties these were all predominantly at the management level. Every property they have opened have been successful. Since being employed at a Native American Casinos they have become very active in the Tribal Member development programs.  Taught all the games to the Surveillance department (20 employees) and Tribal Gaming officers (47 individuals), all of which had a non-gaming background. 70K18021TM

Director of Casino Operations - 20+ years experience in the gaming industry with close to five years in Native American gaming. She has devoted her attention to Table Games having worked her way up to the Director level more than a decade ago. She acted as Manager on Duty (MOD) in the absence of the Slot Director. In the absence of the General Manager she was the person in charge as well. She opened the new property which included setting up the Poker Room. At one casino she revised the P&P manual. 90K15966SB

Director of Casino Operations - 16+ years experience with Native American Casinos with all of these years in slot and gaming operations. Extensive experience in enhancing operations, restructuring properties and developing effective strategies to increase market share. As the Director of Gaming Operations he was the driving force behind garnering efficiencies, expense control and customer satisfaction. His most significant accomplishment spans the course of his career – mentoring and developing people, relationship building and the effective development and deployment of strategy. He is certified in financial accounting, analysis and auditing, slot operations and table games management. Enrolled Tribal member. 140K4952SB

Casino Manager - 30+ years of Gaming experience with 19 years in Management and 8 years in Native American Gaming operations providing leadership and mentoring. Part of the opening team at numerous casinos. Strength in Tables, Guest Services, Mentoring and Training.  BA in Communications. Worked on the opening team where they built, trained, recruited the team members and selected the game mix, layout and guest service training. Strengths include: hands on training skills, development of Guest Services and Policies and Procedures along with Game Protection. They share their knowledge and experience with the team to ensure they understand the reasons behind the policies and procedures. Customer service is one of their top priorities. 80K17673TM

Casino Manager, Consultant & Internal Audit – CPA & CIA – more than 14 years experience in gaming, nine as General Manager. Presently a Sr. Associate in a “Big 4” accounting firm performing risk assessment for a gaming corporation and leads the anti-Money Laundering operations at the firm. Supervises professional teams conducting Sarbanes-Oxley assessments.  Masters degree and CPA & CIA. This Suma Cum Laude gentleman has the ability to thoroughly oversee operations and increase earnings potential. 100K31484TM


Chief Financial Officer, CPA– 30+ years of financial and accounting experience - 11 years with Harrah’s and 3 years with multi property Indian gaming organization. Experience with SOX and tax reporting.  Masters in Taxation from De Paul University and Bachelors in Economics, majoring in Accounting from the Wharton School of Business. 200K6331SB

Director of Finance - 12+ years in the finance discipline with 5 of these years with large Native American Casino Resort. Masters degree in business and a Bachelors in Economics. Responsible for financial and operational accounting and reporting, strategic planning, investments and compliance. In-depth knowledge of financial and operational accounting in the gaming industry and tribal councils and has the ability to continually search for areas of improvement to develop solutions to enhance revenues, diminish expenses and maintain compliance. 100K30543SB

Senior Level Controller -19+ years accounting experience in the gaming industry with 2 of these years in Native American organizations. Bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting and is currently pursuing her Masters in accounting and finance. She has created and implemented accounting and audit functions as well as defined and operationalized financial and accounting policies and procedures for pre-property openings. She is extremely analytical, number oriented and a consensus builder. 100K30455SB

Chief Financial Officer - 22+ years of experience predominately with tribal governments. Bachelors degree in Business and is a licensed CPA. His earlier career experience in audit has enabled him to make sense of disorganized financial information that has resulted in clean audits for his organizations, increased federal funding and exceptional structure implementation to accommodate growth. He is an extremely competent financial leader that is very knowledgeable of all elements of tribal finance including grant development and management and indirect cost proposals. Experienced with financially distressed Tribal Governments. 100K30963SB

Chief Financial Officer / General Manager – 33+ years of combined financial and operational experience including over 29 years in the gaming industry. He has spent more than 18 years working directly in the highly regulated casino gaming industry.  Experienced in many facets of the gaming industry mentors team members along with managing the processes. Strengths are high work ethic, integrity and honesty. Experienced in every aspect of operations, finance and internal controls. 27790SB

Controller – 21+ years of accounting and management experience including seven (7) years of Native American Gaming experience. Experience as a Title 31 Trainer. Worked to open a new casino and has been involved with software upgrades and conversions including Slot Oasis Software and Food and Beverage point of sale conversion. BS with a major in Business Administration/Finance and numerous continuing education courses. 29960TM

Chief Financial Officer – 30+ years experience in gaming including 25 at the management level. career achievements include improving systems and internal controls in all properties he has worked and raising the level of knowledge of staff to assist in their growth.MBA in Accounting and a BS in Hotel Administration. 30695TM


Director of Food & Beverage – 31+ years of experience in the food and beverage industry with 15 of these years in casino environments including almost 2 years in a Native American casino. He is experienced with all elements of food and beverage management including facility design, menu development, purchasing, planning and staff supervision. He is a hands on manager that enjoys working with his team. He is a stickler for details and manages them to ensure that long range goals and objectives are accomplished on time and within budget. He earned his associates degree in culinary arts from the Culinary Institute of America. 80K5925SB

Executive Chef - 25+ year’s culinary experience with 12 years Management experience; 5 of these in Native American gaming and 17 years in traditional gaming. She has been successful in a number of casinos and enjoys working for the Native American casinos. She implemented new systems, procedures, reports and purchasing as well as convincing management to build a warehouse for F&B and allowing her to oversee purchasing for this department. They were able to eliminate waste, increase personal responsibility for each of the BOH team to follow recipes properly and prepare foods according to plan. She is a talented F&B professional with the interpersonal skills needed for the casino environment. 105K30763TM

Executive Chef - 37+ years with more than 5 years in Native American Casinos. He has worked in a variety of capacities that has led him to view food and beverage operations in casinos from different perspectives and has contributed to his success as a culinary professional. He has been responsible for all elements of food and beverage operations that has included front and back of house, multiple outlets, menu conception, purveyor relations, quality and training. He has installed themes in restaurants, creating exciting Mexican themes and Asian themes that have received excellent reviews. He has been responsible for opening food outlets in the hotel, casino and employee dining room – accomplished on time and within budget. He is a coach and a mentor that motivates his team through recognition, training and support. 85K31848SB

Food & Beverage Director - 30+ years experience in Food & Beverage management with 5 years experience in Native American gaming. His most significant career achievement was being able to open both two casinos from the ground up. His experience includes planning front and back of the house for optimal performance and safety. He is skilled in overseeing all the staffing and purchasing both equipment and food supplies. He demonstrates strong leadership through communicating with his staff, putting systems into place, going cross-training and is pleased that his training and employee development programs nurture community members to build work skills and become promoted within the operation. 80K31782TM


Director of Hotel Operations/Vice President of Hospitality Services – 13+ years of experience in Hotel Operations, including one (1) year in Native American gaming. As a Project Manager assisted with multiple Hotel openings, acquisitions and conversions from a technical and operations discipline. Experienced in training employees, management and property executives in Customer Service and Behavior; at one property this training yielded a 22% increase in revenue. Hands-on management style and will never ask someone to do something that she wouldn’t do. Believes that mentoring is to key to growing a team that moves in the same direction and is focused on achieving the same goals. 150K31480TM


Human Resource Executive - 30 years of experience with 10 years in Native American organizations. Masters degree in human resource development . He has been responsible for all elements of Human Resource management including developing career ladders and succession planning, reducing turnover while simultaneously doubling employee population and designing employee customer service training programs. He is a strategic, innovative and possesses the ability to think out of the box for creative and meaningful solutions and enhancements. 125K373SB


VP Marketing – 25+ years experience with senior level gaming and resort operations. He is an expert in Marketing and Database Mining operations. He is experienced with directing the start-up and operations of one of the nation’s largest gaming and resort properties. He is a Veteran and earned his BS in Finance and a Masters. 200K31754TM

VP Marketing and Player Development – 28+ years of experience in Marketing including database, casino marketing, events, branding and panning and development. She has worked for 10 years in the Midwest with large casinos and with Native American casinos. In her position at one casino they were consistently the market leader for 10 years and she was an integral part of both the team development and revenue generation. She put promotions in place which had never been done resulting in highly effective results for the bottom line. Building bridges of communication as well as developing processes and systems are just some of her strengths. 200K14858TM

VP or Director of Marketing and Database Marketing - 16+ years of casino marketing with 8 years in Database Marketing. While is a major corporate gaming company his properties exceeded Revenue Goals every year for 15 years. Experienced with the formula for the Consumer Life Cycle including Promotions, Events, offers, and knowing how to drive Customer Behavior. He is experienced with bringing about cultural transformation of large properties by educating every team member. He introduced Player's Card systems and creates promotions in alignment with corporate strategies. Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, completed Dale Carnegie training, Covey’s 7 Habits of Successful People, Zig Zigler training and many other programs. 150K31543TM

Director of Marketing - 20+ years experience with nearly 14 years in Native American casino marketing. For the past 9 years she has occupied director level positions with her employers and has been the architect of multiple programs. As the Director of Marketing she was responsible for the development of the marketing department. She has very notable experience in planning and executing large events, building departments and implementing strategies to accomplish corporate goals and objectives. She is innovative, creative and thinks out of the box, developing programs, promotions and solutions that are successful, cost effective and contribute to revenue generation. 110K1753SB

Director of Marketing - 17+ years marketing and sales experience in gaming and hospitality. He has handled all start-up marketing for four (4) openings, including hotel, golf course, and spa. Two of these included 4 diamond properties. His strengths are development of a strong database marketing team, branding and player development. In his role with one casino they established the Database Marketing program which included Player Development, Bussing from upscale retirement communities, upgrading Entertainment and Event strategies and guest service skills. Additionally he has excellent leadership and guest service skills .He can make split decisions and is creative and artistic. He leads by example and knows how to get people on the same page for the good of the property with emphasis on employee development. He has a minor in Graphic Design so he tends to be very hands on with the creative development of all media materials. 150K15526TM

Brand Marketing - 15+ years gaming and resort experience in Brand Development through Traditional & Digital Media • Demographic Targeting • Direct Mail Campaigns • Online Marketing • Website & Mobile App Development • Players Club Development as well as, iGaming • Loyalty Programs • PR Management • Social Media Integration • Casino Launches • Corporate Communications. He has Bachelor of Science in Advertising. 130K33251SB


Poker Room Manager – more than 16 years experience in gaming, 12 with Indian Casinos and four (4) in Poker Management. Has opened a major Poker Room and is savvy at creating promotions to increase business. He describes his leadership style as “Horizontal” and that he i Has also worked as a Casino Shift Manager. s a leader not a boss. He is motivated, full of energy and great ideas. 095K31517TM


Director or VP Race Book / Keno – 28+ year industry veteran is responsible for the start-up and oversight of perhaps the most successful race book in America. An accomplished, visionary executive with domestic and international experience in gaming operations, strategic planning with both startup and growth organizations. . He earned his Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and has participated in mergers and acquisitions. He is a results-oriented, decisive leader with proven success in new market recognition, strategic thinking, and problem solving. He has a track record of increasing revenues and market share. 090K2643TM


Director of Surveillance – 13+ years experience in Surveillance, 11 within Native American Gaming, including six (6) at the executive level. Has developed and implemented a training regimen which ensured the continual professional growth of the Surveillance team members. Has directed and supervised all areas including compliance, surveillance, auditing and background departments. Familiar with the most innovative technologies including TITO and POS tracking. Enrolled Tribal Member. 100K31608TM

Surveillance Director – over 20 years experience in surveillance supervision and management for Tribal and non-Tribal casinos. Has published numerous papers on how to detect cheating at table games using written documentation of player’s basic strategy deviations. Team oriented management style. Considers his forte to be detection of cheaters and internal controls. Has a strong work ethic and the ability to work independently with little or no supervision. Enrolled Tribal Member. 120K31501TM


Slot Director – 30+ years experience in slots as a technician and over three (3) yeas in Slot Management position. He has identified and proposed strategic solutions to increase customer satisfaction and increased revenues by 3%. He is a hands-on leader with an emphasis on coaching his team. He is organized and knows this is the key to successful openings and smooth running departments. 140K1852TM

Slot Director – 15+ years experience in Slot Management positions and over five (5) at the Executive level. He is an experienced Trainer for the Slot Department. His leadership style is “fair but firm” and he is goal oriented and continuously challenges himself and his team to achieve and exceed goals. He is bi-lingual and wants to work at a property where he can achieve professional growth along with generating and exceeding expected profit. 1851TM


VP of Table Games – 20+ years has focused in the casino industry in table games with 14 of these years in a Native American Casino. He was responsible for multiple enhancements - ensuring that the facility remained on the cutting edge of table game technology. He has developed and executed a comprehensive training program that encompassed all elements of table games resulting in well trained employees that generated enhanced levels of customer satisfaction and increased levels of revenue. He proposed, developed and implemented the first Native American owned and operated poker room in one state and was instrumental in opening additional Class III games. He also designed multiple reports and processes to better analyze table game performance and gaming percentages. Enrolled Tribal member. 125K31678SB

Table Games Director – 17+ years experience working in Native American gaming in progressively responsible positions in table games. She is experienced in player development, guest services and provides strong leadership to her team. She is process focused; goal and objective oriented and identifies issues and solutions. She is adept at working with numbers, budgeting and short and long term planning. She has an easy communication style that enables her convey information easily. 060K1353SB

Table Games Manager – 26+ years Table Games and Poker Management in the New Jersey market with strong regulatory adherence and focus on tournaments and player development as well as guest services. He has extensive tournament experience and is proud to have been part of the original World Series of Poker. He recognizes methods of improving Tournaments to satisfy the players as well as how to drive profits in tables to improve hold, and monitoring room overflows to capture more revenue. 085K31704TM

Table Games Director - 20+ years of gaming experience with most of these in Management. He has worked for Tribal Gaming operations for 18 years. He has developed strong teaching skills and became part of the dealing school program with the opening of casinos throughout his career. He is most proud of having established a High limit Tables area expanded the games at a time when other properties were downsizing. He prides himself in well honed communication skills with a dedication to Policies and Procedures and strict adherence to Internal Controls. His key strengths include his people skills, remembering what it feels like to be on the floor dealing games and developing a welcoming environment for team members and guests alike. 100K31519TM


Executive Manager - 12+ years experience working within Native American businesses and governmental agencies representing Native American Tribes and interests. He is in the process of obtaining his masters degree in international business and has his bachelors degree in business management and his associates degree in natural resource management. He has a broad range of experience with local, national and federal governments and has been at the forefront of numerous tribal initiatives working through regulatory agencies to position the interests of the tribe(s). He is an exceptional strategic planner that is extremely adept at managing chaos and executing change. Enrolled Tribal Member. 100K29852SB


Director of Compliance – 14+ years in Accounting, Compliance and audit with 7 years as Director of Casino Accounting. He will ensure complete compliance by regulatory agencies. Extensive knowledge of Sarbanes-Oxley and experience of GAAP. He authored Standards of Operation and Conduct Compliance programs. He earned his Bachelor's of Science in Accounting. 150K2639TM